Young creators contest

Highlight your know-how as a young talent by participating in the 13th Floralies Internationales – France 2024!

Register on our dedicated platform by clicking on the exhibitor space at the top of the menu and download the various documents!

The young creators contest

Every year, the Comité des Floralies – Nantes organizes a “Young Creators Contest” competition.

It’s an opportunity to promote young talents who want to illustrate their passion for horticulture, landscaping and flowers through the creation of a 25m² garden, in a privileged setting, for the first time, at the Domaine de la Chabotterie, in Vendée.

The talents taking part are also intended to experiment with new landscape practices, initiate new trends, and introduce the world of gardening to the general public.

To take part, young talents need only be:

– Up to 29 years of age
– Students enrolled in landscape or horticultural schools (BTS, horticultural or agricultural high school, landscape college)
– Young horticultural and landscape professionals
– A start-up company in this field (less than 1 year of existence at the date of the garden’s creation)

Registration and participation are entirely free, with a maximum of 4 people per garden.

The Comité des Floralies will award a prize of 500 € per stand upon validation of the project, and will also provide basic materials as well as water and electricity.

Entries will be judged by an official jury, who will award prizes to the 3 most attractive entries:

– 1 000 € for 1st prize
– 800 € for 2nd prize
– 600 € for 3rd prize

There will also be a special public prize worth 300 €.

So don’t hesitate to join us for a real human adventure, and showcase your ornamental expertise and artistic creativity!

Registration procedure for young creators

Step 1

Click on “Exhibitor space” at the top of the menu on the right.

Step 2

You are redirected to our extranet, click on the arrow “Become an ornamental exhibitor”.

Step 3

Fill in the first form to create an account (for all participants), indicating “Youn creators” in the comments. Then log in to your account with your login and password. Complete the second form, selecting the theme you wish to represent.

Step 4

You will receive a confirmation email when your request is processed by the Comité des Floralies – Nantes. We invite you to connect again on the extranet.

Step 5

You can access the “Rules – Youn Creators Contest” application form. We invite you to download it, complete it and return it, by e-mail or post, at the latest, according to the established schedules.

Step 6

Upon receipt of the complete file, you will be informed of its validation by email.

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