Floralies Internationales: an emblematic meeting

Bring joy and surprise the public: these were the International Floralies goals since the first beginnings

Ornamental and greenery: staging and spectacular shows

In the fifties and sixties, the first flowery and colorful flowerbeds installed on the Champs de Mars (Nantes) aimed at showcasing the Plant industry professions in a poetic way.

In 1971, the newly-built La Beaujoire Exhibition Park got to host the third edition of the International Floralies – Nantes, giving the event more dimension.

The Floralies’ format then evolved through the years to get to how it looks now. A main theme and its variations, conceptualized spaces: turning the event into an ornamental show, offering a true immersion in a plants and flowers extravaganza every five year.       

Over time, the Floralies sustained a never-ending surprise effect surrounding itself with talented artists and main live entertainment such as Naturya, the first floral Musical, flower-inspired runways, a 700 meter-long interactive digital corridor with exclusive technologies never-seen in Europe, a show on the Erdre River.

In a time the access to information and “beauty” appears endless with new technologies, it seems crucial to keep on dreaming, daring and surprising, offering ever more innovative concepts.

The Floralies, it speaks for itself. It is like a bunch of pictures, anecdotes and poems inviting people to appreciate the City of Nantes and its surroundings. “Jean Cocteau”

Floralies Internationales in numbers

– 10 exhibition days

– 1 of the main European ornamental exhibitions

– More than 60 countries represented through the 12 editions

– 1st Floralies Internationales in France and Europe in terms of image and notoriety

– 5 years of preparation are necessary to organize this grand event

– Hundreds of thousands french and international visitors are attracted, every 5 years, by this prestigious event

– More than 1 000 volunteers are involved for several weeks in each new editions

– 200 participants coming from France and all over the world, carefully selected for each edition

The event objectives 


– To invite international plants world operators to participate in a collective, high-quality ornamental exhibition.

– To offer visitors an ornamental show of quality that is surprising, interesting and stunning. In order to create emotions, and to encourage the public to appreciate the natural and vegetal environment as an element of quality of life.


– To maintain a confirmed success by creating a high quality show and obtaining a high satisfaction rate from the operators (partners, participants, visitors, members).

– To enable all local operators to be involved in the event in terms of image, notoriety, impact (community,  tourism and economic, etc.).

– To act for a better quality of life (flowering, greening, environment).

Over the years, many public figures have associated their image to the Floralies event. This popularity goes together with the international recognition.

A sponsored event

Over the years, the themes and the editions, many well-known public personas have endorsed the International Floralies.

Each edition was also held under the successive French Presidents and their Governments’ High Patronage, proof of official recognition for both the concept and the event’s impact.

Laurent Gounelle


Gilles Pothier

Florist Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Floral Art World Champion

Laurent Voulzy


Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Star ballerina

Anne-Aymone Giscard d’Estaing

First lady

International approval

The Floralies were also officially approved by AIPH (International Association for Horticultural Producers) – the renowned international institution guaranteeing the highest quality level for plant-related world shows.

They awarded the Floralies with the C Category Approval, certifying ornamental events between 4 and 20 days, measuring at least 6,000 square meters.

We had the honor to obtain this approval for the edition of the Floralies Internationales – France 2024!

Thanks to its aura, the Floralies project and adventure is joined by multiple talents: today’s plant show creators and tomorrow’s young professionals.

Connection and exchange 

Internationals come together with French people, to form a team of ornamental partners, creating quite literally the spectacular show that are the Floralies.

Companies and individuals engaging in the event project are considered partners. They are offered a free creative space of variable size by the Floralies Committee in exchange of the realization of an ornamental display with plants and flowers, inspired by a general theme.

The organization and the ornamental exhibitors are accompanied by key committed partners, faces of the future: schools and training centers.

With the aim of training and having people experience a fun yet professional project, the Floralies Committee partners with establishments of different expertise: landscape design, customer service, fashion design, floristry… A variety of resources and profiles, ready to learn and take on the professional world, making them precious partners to share exclusive know-hows with.

The event’s popularity unquestionably impacts economical and touristic activities in a beneficial way.

The tourist and economic impact

Short-stay bookings, hospitality industry, restaurant industry, transports, shops, leisure… These domains greatly benefit from each edition of the International Floralies – Nantes. Their activity growth is directly correlated to the event organized by the Floralies Committee.

A local and regional dynamic through the involvement :

– Regional companies
– Local shops
– Transport companies
– Tourist sites
– Hospitality industry
– Restaurant industry

Supporting the professional environment

From preparatory work and ornamental displays to the smooth running of the event, the Floralies period is the opportunity for numerous companies to sell their products and services. Masons, plants growers, security services, plastic artists. Many branches show interest and engagement and are mobilized for the Floralies event, some of them for months at a time.

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