The 13th Floralies Internationales – France invite themselves to the Domaine de la Chabotterie in Vendée

In order to honor the symbolism of our new theme’s origin, the Floralies Internationales – Nantes Committee realized the 2024 show would require a natural setting of expansive spaces to provide dimension to the ornamental and floral exhibits. Looking boldly to the future, the Committee decided to choose The « Domaine de la Chabotterie » situated just south of Nantes in the Vendée department. The 13th edition of the Floralies Internationales – France, an incredible adventure for all, has undoubtedly flourish in perfect harmony with nature in its new idyllic setting, one replete with unusual and undeniable charm.

The Chabotterie Estate: an exceptional location

Located between Nantes and La Roche-sur-Yon, the estate’s bucolic setting exudes a peaceful soothing energy that allows one to be as close to nature as possible, thus offering an unforgettable and authentic experience. The beauty of the location is enhanced by the residence, an 18th century architectural treasure designated as an historical monument.

This unique environment contains a park of over 118 acres dotted with inviting paths, hedge-lined meadows, thick woods, delightful orchards, and enticing labyrinths. A bridle path with a remarkable view can also be found on the property.  Immersion in this inspirational, lush landscape of multiple elevations, indeed a splendid green theater, enable the participants to express their creativity and showcase their talents in spectacular and diverse ornamental and floral displays.

This large, ambitious, and far-reaching project is fully supported by the Vendée Developmental Council and its President, Alain LEBOEUF.

Easily accessible

La Chabotterie

By car :
Highway A83 « Nantes – Niort » Exit N°4: « Montaigu »
Main road « Montaigu – La Roche-sur-Yon », Exit D763 « Logis de la Chabotterie »

30 minutes ride from Nantes airport
4h ride from Charles-de-Gaulle airport
3h30 ride from Paris-Orly airport

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13th Floralies Internationales - France

La Chabotterie