The theme: « Flower games »

Integral to all cultures, games are one of the oldest forms of social interaction. They capture the perspectives and ideas of cultures around the world while enriching future generations. A true source of positive energy, we use games to challenge and improve ourselves.

As you may know, in the summer of 2024, Paris will host the Olympic Games for the first time in a hundred years. As a nod to this exciting and extraordinary undertaking, the Floralies Internationales – France will explore the theme of “Flower games” through five categories: water games, chilhood games, intellectual games, garden games and physical games.

Variations of the « Flower games » theme

Many variations, sources of creativity and emulation for our professional, amateur and institutional partners from all over the world, invited to present their know-how and to participate in an astounding scenery. To sublimate this original and playful symbolism, a natural setting and large spaces are needed to give their full dimension to the artistic, ornamental and floral scenography.

Water games

Who has never jumped into a puddle or started a water fight? Water, a playful and dynamic element, is at the heart of this area and plays with visitors. This fresh and invigorating space will also highlight wetland and aquatic plants.

Childhood games

Take a trip down memory lane. What game did you play as a child? A sweet scent of nostalgia, a child’s laughter, a shared complicity can be found in this vibrant space, full of vitality and carefreeness. This will be the perfect place to Highlight colourful and strongly scented plants to awaken the visitors’ senses and take them on a journey back in time.

Intellectual games

Intellectual games are an invitation to think. Puzzles, riddles and word games will arouse curiosity and challenge visitors. This area is the ideal opportunity to discover curious, unusual and new plants. Fascinate and intrigue visitors with unusual and multifaceted gardens.

Garden games

Garden games, oriented towards the environment and the plants themselves, have a strong interactive and educational dimension. Plants play with visitors with contrasts, environments, perspectives and illusions games. Would you be able to personify plants as the masters of the game?

Physical games

Physical games are reflecting games of action in which you exert yourself. This area will awaken your spirit of competition and self-transcendence. A sport, a challenge, a performance, which game will you choose? Showcase bold and graphic plants, symbol of resilience.

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