Naturya – the first floral and musical show performing at the 12th Floralies

Naturya, the first ever floral and musical show will be performing every day during the International Floralies – Nantes taking place May 8th-19th, 2019.

The co-founders and its Tribe have been collaborating with the Floralies Committee for many months now in order to present a show adapted to the Floralies “Flowers to live by” theme.

Women-Flowers and all sorts of Protectors play around a universe that is 100% made of plants, enchanted by a magical soundtrack, transporting spectators to a change of scenery with a roller coaster of emotions.

The artistic and enchanted show, created a few years ago by Axel Montel and Jean Jacques Futterer, will convince all sorts of audience.

More than just a show, Naturya is an adventure, involving and making the most of local craftsmanship and resources.

(Photo credit: Alyson Romanko) 

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